The Destruction of Context

From the article, “Right-Wing Flame War” by Jonathan Dee, in the New York Times Magazine, January 24, 2010, p. 43.

“Not only can the past never be erased [on the web]; it co-exists, in cyberspace, with the present, and an important type of context is destroyed.”

And, from an essay about television, by George W. S. Trow, in Within the Context of No Context, 1981:

“Art requires a context: the power of this moment, the moment of the events in the foreground, seen against the accumulation of other moments. The moment in the foreground adheres to the accumulation or rejects it briefly before joining it.”

This adherence, the creation and elaboration of cumulative knowledge, is an invisible action, a work of minding, our work. Our work is the restoration of context, the grasp and admiration of complexity, the illumination of the foreground by the background, the transformation of the idea without visible human dimensions into fabric, into memory, into art.

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